Pacific Northwest Family Therapy

Couples and Relationship Counseling in Seattle

What to expect in every session:
Through a safe, therapeutic relationship, you will be assisted in confronting the obstacles and difficulties which have kept your life from reaching its full potential.  In a supportive and confidential atmosphere, you will experience a highly personalized approach tailored to meet your needs and help you attain personal growth.

Our approach is direct yet gentle. If little movement is happening it will be brought up so we can explore together what is blocking you from making the steps that can facilitate change.


50 minute couples sessions are $165

90 minute couples sessions are $245

50 minute individual sessions are $150

Breakdown of sessions:

Session #1 - Initial intake session with Couple

Session #2 - Partner A individual session

Session #3 - Partner B individual session

Session #4 - Feedback session with couple

Session #5 and beyond are spent working on the identified areas of concern in the relationship.

​Marathon Therapy 

20 hours of couples counseling over 4 days - $3500


We accept Cash, Check and Debit/Credit Cards.


We are not on any insurance panels and are considered Out of Network. Please check with your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for reimbursement and at what rate. You will also want to check to see if  you have to meet a deductible before your provider will reimburse. Finally, it is important to find out if couples therapy or family therapy is covered. We are happy to provide you with our Tax ID, UBI and license number and NPI to tell your insurance provider.

Please don’t let cost ever stop you from seeking relationship help. Everything is doable! Just contact me and I will find the best way to support you.

Cost of therapy

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