Being a Bringing Baby Home Gottman Educators provides me with extensive knowledge and experience in transition to parenthood, which will be essential in helping you and your partner navigate through this time in life. 

Most couples recognize these issues after baby is born. If you and your partner are noticing some decline in marital satisfaction and you already have a baby, it is not to late to begin to get your relationship back on track.

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Pre and Post Baby Therapy Seattle

And baby makes three

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Does this sound familiar?

You and your partner spend endless hours discussing and picking the perfect name for your baby. You stress and lose sleep over how the delivery will go. You research and register for baby items, hoping that this specific toy, book, miracle blanket or sleep sack will make the transition to parenthood easy.

However you did not spend much if any time discussing role division, sleep deprivation, conflict resolution, parenting styles and most importantly how you will stay connected as a couple. Having these discussions pre-baby is important because once the baby arrives, you may end up operating in survival mod. Having time to have long conversations has decreased and so has your patience. This has lead to conflict that seems to come out of nowhere which leads to not even wanting to talk about anything. 

The best gift you can give to your children is a happy, loving relationship. We can help you as a new parent form realistic expectations and prepare for the enormous amount of change that will occur in your relationship, life and home.  During Pre-Baby therapy we will help build and/or improve basic skills: communication and conflict resolution. 

Pre or Post Baby Therapy in Seattle can help you:

1.    Navigate division of labor roles. Together as a couple you will learn to communicate your needs and learn the importance of compromise.

2.    Recognize the power struggles you and your partner have, and how they are destructive to the relationship.

3.    Balance your life as a parent, your life as a couple and your life in the community.

4.    Address differences in parenting styles. Learn how to talk about areas that you and your partner disagree. Take these moments to learn more about one another which helps in building love maps. Celebrate the similarities that you do have in parenting styles.

5.    Learn the importance of maintaining an intimate relationship, and what that means exactly. Learning how to discuss this issue is also a important component of this step.

6.    Learn how to handle extended family. Discuss boundaries and what is best for your new family. Identify areas from your family of origin that are causing conflict within your relationship. This often becomes magnified after baby is born.